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My Logo, made by me !!

My name is Martin, owner of Martin's Glass & Mirror Inc. one of the unique traditional glass fabrication companies left in this region, with old school business practices and a small home town feel. Myself, I have been working in the field for 40 years. I'd like to share a little about my background and how I got started in this field. Folks, when I say that, I can remember when I was growing up and use to hear my father say this, I became in such awe of his dedication!!  

My dad served during WWII with the U.S. Navy, after being honorably discharged in 1945, he returned home and started working for a local glass company.  Of course me being the youngest of 5, born in 1965, I was his shadow.

I think you know were the story goes.

I have been through many trials and tribulations to become successful. Today at the age of 59, I have a long work history behind me, I've worked in several states and worked in several areas of the Glass & glazier industry. Now I've returned and made Syracuse, NY my home town and started my own business. 

Martin's Glass & Mirror located @ 1719 burnet Ave in Syracuse, New York has been serving the community for some time now. I offer in house glass fabrication, cutting, polishing , beveling, unique pattern cuts of all my products.

  My window glass is 3/32" , I also carry 1/8", then it goes to 1/4" for those special table tops we do. Did somebody say mirrors, yes lots of mirrors, all done on site, my special machinery is in house, never, edging. My special diamond cut polished edge designed by me has just a special tweak to it , so it is more defined than my competors .I also carry a line of  obscure  glass, such as frosted, a rain, pattern 62, and a few unique pieces.If u need a   will call for a size or a  need for same day service, call me


Service work is my specialty, my son and I have teamed  again to do those week end calls and after regular hours during the week. My wife and I take care of the business during the week, again remember if you need service today, call me , will call your orders in.I will get them done.


Experience the Difference

Father and Son Playing
A special sneeze guard, fabricated by Martin's Glass & Mirror Inc.
A storefront with a new door and insulated glass in dark bronze anodized.
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