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June 2013

Today in June the month is getting warmer and screens are in the air,so please look into your house and ask yourself what type of screens or glass can I replace.Can I use a mirror?Check around are your windows fogged up I can fix this for you in days not weeks.There is very little wait time to have any work done from my company.All other company will make you wait for weeks for service.I will be there to give a estimate and make the repair at a fair price with a warrenty.Plexiglass ,tabletops window glass,insulated glass showers,we can do it all for you.Please call me with your project and we can get it done.I thank you for your call and look forward to meeting you ,315-877-1123, Martin Jasniewski

Mirror,Mirror,on the wall ?

Mirror,Mirror on the wall , who is the most expirenced guy? When it come to mirrors were ever you would like to install them I have a great amount of expirence with this info.I have all types of samples ,different colored mirror ,oh ya different colors , there is black ,blue , silver,
 peach rosa,and a few more.There are different ways to hang them from j channel to clips to a adheasive.Please call me with all your glass and mirror questions,I would be pleased to reply.
 Thank you
Martin J

New Shop is up

Today is Wedsday the 1 st of May ,my customers are you ready to have your screens repaired or replaced,I can do this for you @ a low cost please call me for a price.Also if you would like please bring your screens buy for repair,I have a new garage up behind my house it is ready for action,I have stock coming in daily.Iam not there all the time so please call me 1st.I thank you all for business and look forward to meeting new ones.
Thank you again

New shop will open soon!!

Hi it is Thursday the 25th of April, the black top is going in today and I will be moving the equipment in shortly after.To all my customers the shop is located behind my house on Herbst ave so please call me with your questions and projects I will be glad to help.Also with all your shop work bring it to the house go behind to the shop,I thank you and I will pass the savings on to you .Have a Great Day
Thank you
Martin the Owner

Spring is Here

Spring is here and the rain is stopping,so get those screens ready to repair or we can make you a new screen frame to your size,or screen in that porch,Iam building my new shop as we speak behind my house we are planning to put up the garage on April 23.I cant wait this is going to be great.I will have it all organized and you will be able to get to me very quick.So to all my customers ,please call with your projects I will talk to you and get you on the correct path.I thank you so much .I look forward to working with you

Screen Wire

Spring is here and windows will start opening and screen frames will be put in place.Whenthose screens are looking old and ragity,wash them with some soap and water and spray them down with the hose a liittle elbow grease will get them looking real good.When the screen is old call me and I can replace this for a small charge I can replace the frame or repair the old one.I can screen in the porch as well.Screen comes in bright aluminum or black or charcol and if you want to be special I can get this product in copper as well.So call me with all your screen needs.

A Good Day

Today I was so impressed with all my customers.I really starting to feel my customers.My base is growing everyday.My customers trust me and I do know I do great work for them.I always give my customers there best way of doing things.I tell them the truth and sell them the material for a fair price,so please call with your project and ask me for help,I will give you the best of my knolodge.I want to thank you all,please keep calling.
Thank you
Martin Jasniewski

Happy easter

Good Friday Morning to all my customers,Please have a great holiday and be safe,and remember all your glass needs can be taken care off @ Martins Glass,take the time this summer to up grade all your broken windows,windows that are fogged up screens that need to be repaired.I can do all this work for you in a short period of time,so please call for an apointment.
Thank you
Martin Jasniewski

Spring time has arrived

Hi to everyone ,again another week has passed us by.I stayed busy all week.I have put plans in to build my new shop behind my house I started breaking ground as we speak.I should have the new place opened by 6/1/2013.For now I have been blessed with being able to work out of a very good friends old shop on south Salina st,the address is 1023 south Salina st.So all my customers I will be sending you to this address to pick up your material you order from me.I still do quality service calls in a very short amount of time.

Furnatur Tops

Hi everyone today is another Saturday in Syracuse ,New York .I have made it through another week.This week Iam going to concentrate on Table tops or glass for furnature.These can be made in a short period of time,since I can do all edge work in shop and cut to size or shape.I can do everything like polish or grind the edges to be good looking or safe for all your needs. The only thing I have to do outside is bevell.This takes about a week.Please call for a price if you know the size, also if you need me to take a pattern call as well.
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