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A winter Day In Syracuse New York

  Martin's Glass & Mirror,today in Syracuse is a winter day,really snowy,and cold.I have done ok this week,a few calls on Mirrors,we did ok.Please do not forget us for all your glass needs,remember I can always fit you in to the schedule,I want you to be my customer for life,so please call with your project how ever small or big,I will give you the best of my knolodge.I thank you the city of Syracuse for another week of being alive and well.
Thank you Martin J

This week is Mirror week

This week the 1st week of March,Mirror week @ Martins glass.Iam going through the change of seasons like any other business owner.When the seasons change it get closer to summer,or spring I always think of the years before,what can I change to make this year better? How can I treat my customers better? Well I have made a promise to my self,when there is a special project,I will research that project and make my resources available to the customer.I will perform the best of my ability.Charge the customer for only the job Iam doing.

screen repair

Screens will be ready soon, get them ready,take them to me so I can rescreen them for you and then you will have new screens ready for the spring.Take them out and bring them to me wriye your name and telephone# on them and drop them of at my shop @ 108 Herbst ave.I will get them back to asap. 

Insulated Glass

Insulated Glass will be here very soon,Are your windows fogged up ,I will be able to fix this or if the insulated glass in your frame is broken I will be able to get this back to you in a very short time with a five year warrenrt.I will also be installing a new unit that is a commercial grade.You will notice a big difference,Please call for a quote Today. 
Martins Glass & Mirror

message to customers

Martin's Glass & Mirror
108 Herbst ave
Syracuse New York 13203
All my valued customers,please if any work needs to be brought in and you driving to the shop call me ,My name is martin and I will make sure I will be there to meet you or my wifewill @ the house.We are in the progress of building the shop in the back of the house,in the meantime any work can be dropped on the porch,I will get it done asap.
I thank you,you will be my customer for life and treated well.Thanks Martin

Please read this post

Hi everyone this is Martin with Martin's Glass & mirror ,I hope everyone is fine on this Friday the 22nd of Febuary.I have renamed this website to that is the domain name that I own now so I can be found by the local search engines and be ranked higher as well, to be put on the front page of goggle. One other things for my customers please write a review when I finish a job for you. I hope I can do the best for you and treat you fair,
Thank you
Martin Jasniewski
Martins glass & mirror

Friday 1/4/2012 A Great Day

  Today is Friday and it was very busy in Syracuse New York.I had two emergency calls before 8 a.m. I had everything done and took some new pics wich I will post. I also found a great new supplier for autoglass. Iam trying to put together a great shop for the autoglass market. Today I was also puttting together a custom shower for this great house on east genesee st. This shower is huge. I love the glass industry, putting together these great jobs and making my customers happy is great for me as well.
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