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The Glass Industry in Syracuse New York !!!

Hello folks, the date June 19 Father's Day . I had some health issues and lost a few Days , so I had to go in and make up some time and get some of my customer's material finished.I went in at 2:00 P.M. and stayed to almost 3 , A.M. Then came home to work on the computer to find these people Parking in front of my house and have been sending phishing e mails, hacking my wi fi.So I wanted to make sure everything is ok and for the most it is.

Anyway just a new website and I have a blog.So I like to talk about my coipition. Everyone does work for there selfs, but all there material is fabricated by another source, then shipped to them.I have material in stock and can have it done rite away.

Any type of glass table tops, I can cut to size , do any type of pattern cuts.All done by me in my shop.I was hacked last year, my site taken down, by someone , who?? The folks I call coipition, Google? Somebody. Lets see how this one takes off.Remember if its service for glass at your home, call me , I will get rite there , have material in hand. Anyway Call 315-877-1123, I will get your glass projects done ,

Thank you


Martin's Glass & Mirror Inc.

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